Word 2013

Edit PDF Files using Word

Word 2013 has a new feature that allows you to edit, merge or split PDF files.

  1. Opening up the PDF file in Word 2013, by clicking on File.

  2. word 2013
  3. Navigate to where the PDF is stored and open like you word any other file.

  4. word 2013
  5. Click on OK

  6. word 2013
  7. Once the file has opened, you can edit the PDF file like any other word document.

  8. word 2013
    word 2013
  9. Edit text, delete pages or add more pages as needed just as you would with any other word document.

  10. word 2013
  11. Save the document as a PDF using the Save-As or Export Command.

  12. word 2013
  13. The File Name will need to be changed to allow for another PDF document to be created.

  14. word 2013

Note - If the PDF is larger than just a few pages, it can take Word 2013 a few minutes to open the file in edit mode.

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