What is YouTube?

YouTube was founded in February 2005, as a destination to watch and share original videos worldwide through the Web. Users can upload and share video clips on and YouTube enables video embedding that allows YouTube videos to be placed on non-YouTube pages.

10 YouTube Stats

  • 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute, or one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second.

  • Over 4 billion videos are viewed a day.

  • Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month.

  • Over 3 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube.

  • More video is uploaded to YouTube in one month than the 3 major US networks created in 60 years.

  • 70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US.

  • YouTube is localized in 39 countries and across 54 languages.

  • 10% of YouTube’s videos are available in HD.

  • In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views.

  • In 2011 there were almost 140 views for every person on Earth.

10 YouTube Tips

  • Create and Customise Your Channel - First things first, customising your channel is well worth the time it will take to set it up. You should add your company’s branding, customise the colours to compliment your company’s look, and add relevant information and links.

  • Add Subtitles - Doing so adds captions for the hundreds of millions of hearing impaired folk across the world, ensuring your content is accessible to anyone who’d like to watch it. It’s an easy enough process that uses voice recognition.

  • Overuse of Annotations - Don’t be tempted to go down this route, the annotations look unprofessional, are a distraction to viewers and depending how overused they are, can be an annoyance. You want to grab people’s attention and make an immediate impression, but your video content and other information you have added to the site should be enough.

  • Remove Offensive Comments - While you can’t stop nasty comments to your videos or channel, you have the power to delete offensive or spam remarks from the worst offenders. Taking advantage of this option requires good judgment. If challenged over the removal make a simple statement to the effect that such comments will not be tolerated. If you’re getting seriously spammed or abused by a particular person, you can also block that user, but this should be a last resort. There are also options open to you to moderate comments before they go live, so you can stop nasty comments before they are posted.

  • Engage With the YouTube Community - YouTube is a social platform, so be sure to check out other content on the site, favourite appropriate videos and make suitable YouTube “friends.” If you really can’t, or don’t want to associate your company with other companies or individuals, then think wider. Why not look at content or channels that cover your local area or that are for a good cause that you/your company supports.

  • Organise Your Content - Be sure to organise your content to be viewer-friendly rather than just offer a linear stream of video uploads. Create playlists to group relevant videos together. Remember that YouTube offers users the option to embed entire playlists (in addition to individual videos) into external sites, so give the creation of them, their titles and description, some decent thought.

  • Don’t Overlook Tags - YouTube’s content is organised on a tag word basis. It is more than worth taking the time to add the correct tags to your videos. The beauty of a tag word system is that it works on the basis of logic, but also on the more-the-merrier principle as you can’t know what search terms people will use. Really try and brainstorm around the tags you’re adding. YouTube offers around 15 to choose from. Obviously try to use the most relevant. Monitor how the different videos perform so you can make an educated decision about categories in the future.

  • Promote Your YouTube Videos Elsewhere - Don’t assume viewers will come to you, or automatically think to look you up on YouTube. Every time you post a video that is relevant for general sharing, tweet it or add it to your Facebook Page. Don’t shy away from allowing embedding of your videos on other sites, the more views the better.

  • Use YouTube Analytics Tools - YouTube offers every user free analytics data via the “Insight” button on every uploaded video. This free-to-view info should not be overlooked as it can offer you some valuable information on not only views stats, but demographics, community, and the most useful “discovery” data which is information on how users came across the video, including the popular links they followed to get there.

  • Don’t Neglect Your Channel - There are so many neglected YouTube channels, even from social, or web 2.0 firms that you’d think would realise the value in an up-to-date video resource for their company. While we are by no means advocating needlessly creating video content. If you are looking to go down the YouTube route then don’t let your resolve or enthusiasm for the service dwindle a couple of months in. Even if you have no new content to post, still keep logging in to stay on top of comments, friend requests, add favourites, etc, so as not to relegate your channel to the ranks of the unloved.